How to make an interview?

Which are the objectives in the Interview?

  1. Pick up information about the candidate: know the person, characteristics, needs and interests.
  2. Explore its professional and personal track, as well as its specific behavioral competences for the position.
  3. Know the candidates motivation and his fit to the working environment where his incorporation is expected.
  4. Give information about the position: the candidate’s interest will be valued.
  5. Motivate and cheer the candidate for his continuation in the selection process till the end.
  6. The employment interview is a process of sales and “seduction”. Any message we pretend to transmit is formed by to aspects:
    1. Content aspect: Rational Level
    2. Relational aspect: Emotional Level

We are seen, before being heard. The personal image is especially relevant. For hitting with the dress, what matters is to have coherence and to comply with the rules in relation to the company%u2019s sector and position you are applying for.

The interviewer wants a sociable person, capable of integrating in the company with a good treat with the rest of his colleagues and clients. People tend to help and think better of those who they like. If we smile we are affecting the interviewer’s emotions and give a more positive impression in the evaluation. The smile attracts, suggests confidence and optimism, relaxes and dissimulates the nerves and predisposes positively our interlocutors.

Visual contact empowers interest and facilitates communication. Look alternatively to all your interlocutors, with a direct and annual sight. Assent with the head shows an active listening and willingness. Play with objects shows nervousness and insecurity. Rub your hands denote impotent. Interlacing fingers shows authority and understanding willingness.

The language must be clear, simple and structured, avoid ‘pet words’ and %u2018swearwords%u2019. You have to be honest and sincere. Talk with a cordial tone, concise and specific. You do not have to speak badly of your current or former company.

Is good to rehearse the interview before, plan what is what you want to achieve, what to say and how to say it. A golf champion was once said that he was very lucky, he answered: “Yes, and the more I rehearse the luckier I am. Look for and explore the companys web page, focus in what you are looking for. You have to remember your strong points and our fields of improvement.

And remember: There will not be a 2º Chance for generating a 1st Impression.

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