New Virtual Campus powered by EADIC-Psicotec

The Technical School EADIC and HR Consulting Firm Psicotec have launched today their new Virtual Campus in Madrid

The restaurant Iroco, located at Velázquez 18 (Madrid), hosted the event gathering the most influential delegates of both companies. Their goal was to present the results of a long-wished-for project. Ricardo Carramiñana, Director General of EADIC, together with Director General of Psicotec, Mª Luisa Riobóo, said that the aim of this partnership is that of implementing continuous and relevant training programs at companies, in particular online ones.

María Luisa Riobóo; Ricardo Carramiñana; Alguno de los asistentes a la presentación

Mª Luisa Roibóo, Ricardo Carramiñana and some other participants attending the presentation

During her presentation, María Luisa Riobóo explained why both firms started to collaborate and how companies like Psicotec, renowned for its face-to-face training programs, can excel thanks to these online activities and additional training courses for the business sector.

Ricardo Carramiñana took this opportunity to elaborate on the structure of the technical courses provided by EADIC, encouraging interactive learning and international experiences. One can undoubtedly hear the voice of experience when he speaks about technology as an ally, given that the programs offered by EADIC make optimal use of resources such as scorm, live sessions or transnational communication.

Vanessa Hernanz, Director of Training Programs at Psicotec, closed the event by analyzing the step forward taken by Psicotec by adding this new Virtual Campus to its training services. Over 25 years of experience providing face-to-face training courses support the new programs to be developed from now on through this platform, starting with a transcultural training activity. The implementation of such activities derives from the need to train globalized profiles within the business sector, which is currently offering its employees international and worldwide positions. An imminent change is a must, and partners EADIC & Psicotec know it.

Once the product launched and this partnership consolidated, we look forward to the development of this EADIC-Psicotec new virtual campus. We will closely monitor such development in order to implement future activities. In short, this a brand-new tool serving the needs of those professionals wishing to continue learning at work thanks to the 2.0 era..

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