Psicotec Valencia takes part in the Round Table on Work-Family Balance and Productivity

Last 7th October, the cultural institution “Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia” held a congress on “Work-Family Balance and Productivity”, organized by the City Council of Valencia in collaboration with the Association for Streamlining Working Hours in Spain (ARHOE). The congress was attended by the Councilwoman for Social Welfare, Ana Albert, by the Councilwoman for Employment, Beatriz Simón, together with several companies, among which Psicotec, which shared their experiences in this field.

Vanessa Hernanz, Director of Psicotec Valencia, commented on the work-family balance in a globalized world. “Following geopolitical and socio-demographic changes, the development of communication systems and the change in the philosophy of companies, which are more and more working on a goal-driven basis, what could be at first considered as a threat can actually turn into an advantage for companies”, added Vanessa Hernanz.


Vanessa Hernanz, Psicotec Valencia; Ana Ferrús, S2 Grupo; Miguel Yaguez, Arhoe; Jordi Serra, Asepeyo Corporate University; and Virginia Sanchís, Fundación Alanna

“Today, companies are in search of Talent and Commitment. They focus on keeping that talent, reducing related costs and, particularly, making sure that resources commit themselves to the organization”.

We should also take into account the diversity of profiles working for the same company, which must be properly managed. The company should also be able to adapt to their individual demands. “It is definitely not the same to deal with the work-family balance needs of a senior profile as with those of a woman who has recently given birth to her first, second or third child, or with those of the current Generation Y”, said Vanessa Hernanz. “The important thing is to achieve a win-win scenario and find a balance between what companies and that talent are respectively looking for. The latter aim at growing within a company and find a work-family balance which will eventually boost their productivity, innovation and their commitment to the Company”.

The congress was closed by the Councilwoman for Employment, Beatriz Simón, who affirms that one of our great challenges of the future is to “achieve a better organization of our time towards strengthened competition among companies and work-family balance”. She also pointed out that the City Council of Valencia is quite concerned about this need, having included under the measures of axis 3 of the Municipal Plan on Employment the “promotion of equal opportunities regarding employment, entrepreneurship and social responsibility”. She added that “the companies attending this event are just a little example of the successful work that our SMEs have responsibly been carrying out, given that the Autonomous Community of Valencia is leading work-family balance measures”. Also, “companies implementing these measures as part of their routine have seeing their staff’s productivity raise up to 19%, and their feel four times more committed to the organization”, declared Beatriz Simón.

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