In 2014, PSICOTEC managed over 3 000 selection processes in the construction, engineering and related sectors worldwide

  • The HR multinational Spanish consultancy firm has been developing projects for the main international construction firms for over 10 years.
  • Its expertise within the construction sector has led the company to collaborate with over thirty clients worldwide.
  • More than 5 000 training hours and over €800 000 in training loans managed by Psicotec through the Spanish Fundación Tripartita (FTFE) funds.


Madrid, 9 March 2015

HR multinational Spanish consultancy firm Psicotec consolidates its position as a specialist in the building and infrastructure sector worldwide.

Our figures in the building sector during the last 30 years are our guarantee: over 70 000 applications have been assessed and more than 3 000 selection processes successfully achieved worldwide (97.5 %). We have dealt with a wide range of candidate profiles, from the positions of Site Manager to Head of Business Unit.

At Psicotec, we also pay special attention to training activities and the development of our candidates’ technical skills. According to Vanessa Hernánz, Head of Training and Consultancy Services at Psicotec, “we have offered over 5 000 training hours in this sector –having achieved a score of 9.5 out of 10 according to our clients’ satisfaction surveys. We have also managed training loans of over €800 000 addressed to Spanish companies through the Spanish Fundación Tripartita (FTFE) funds”.

Carmen Rodríguez, Head of Selection and Development Services at Psicotec also affirms that “Psicotec has a wide team of experts with over 10 years of experience providing comprehensive HR consultancy services. They work for the main construction, engineering and other related companies from our offices in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, as well as from almost anywhere in the world thanks to our international office network. Psicotec has helped some 30 client companies -both national and international- to carry out their selection processes, tailor-made to their needs. Being experts in the fields of construction, electrical construction, civil construction, building, engineering, infrastructure, civil engineering works and waste-water treatment, we are a strategic partner when looking for the best human talent within these sectors”.

Thanks to its offices in Europe and Latin America and to its international office network, Psicotec has been able to implement big projects worldwide. As well as those projects implemented in Spain, we should highlight those carried out in Angola, Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, India, the Middle East, Peru or Turkey, where the sector has shown remarkable growth in recent years.

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