Psicotec leads the selection process of the ICEX 2017 business internationalization scholarships

For a second year in a row, the ICEX (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade) entrusts our consultancy firm with this selection program thanks to the suitability of the profiles proposed in the previous call.

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Madrid, 20 May 2015. PSICOTEC, a Spanish multinational consultancy firm specialized in Human Resources, has been appointed for the second year in a row to carry out the selection process to award the 2017 ICEX Business Internationalization Scholarships.

This process consists of two parts: the first one is made up of three qualifying tests and the second one involves the successful completion of a master’s degree in International Business Management, taught by ICEX-CECO.
PSICOTEC is the consultancy firm responsible for leading the first phase, which in turn consists of four stages: assessment of candidate applications by our consultants, call for conducting psychological tests (adaptation to the environment) and language tests (English) for those shortlisted candidates and finally, personal interviews, during which personal documents are verified, as well as the candidates’ compliance with all requirements.

The ICEX has once again entrusted PSICOTEC with this project thanks to the specialized and professional services it offers. By outsourcing the project, ICEX ensures the objectivity and appropriateness of the selected profiles, providing a guarantee of success for the development of the master and the subsequent training implementation at destination.
According to Noemí Troitiño, director of the ICEX project at PSICOTEC, “for this 2017 call, we expect the enrollment of between 1,800 and 2,000 candidates, an increase of between 4% and 13% regarding the previous year” ( *).

Furthermore, the ICEX has on this occasion increased the number of scholarships awarded to up to 260, which means an increase of 11% compared to the previous edition. Therefore, the number of candidates expected to enroll in the master will be of 288.

The registration period will be open until 29 May through this link:

Psychometric and language tests may be conducted in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Las Palmas, Madrid, Seville, Valencia and La Coruña/Vigo. Applicants passing these tests will be interviewed in Madrid.
This call is aimed at those candidates born in Spain or other member states of the EU from 1 January 1987 onwards.

(*) In 2014, a total of 1,725 applicants were registered, 1,535 of which sat the different tests. Out of these, 900 candidates passed the psychometric tests and 400 of them obtained satisfactory language scores. After the interview phase, 318 applicants were shortlisted to enter the master’s degree, of which only 260 were finally able to enroll in it (due to the limited number of vacancies offered by the ICEX).

Finally, the ICEX granted a total of 235 international scholarships to students who successfully passed the master’s degree.

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