PSICOTEC PORTUGAL, the first consultancy firm to be certified by the NP ISO 10667 standard

Susana Bogalho Psicotec PortugalPsicotec Portugal has been certified by the NP ISO 10667-2 NP:2014 standard (provision of assessment services, procedures and methods to evaluate people at work and organizations. Part 2: Requirements for service providers for recruitment, selection, assessment and development services through AENOR).

Since it was born in Spain (1985), Psicotec has been recognized in the market by the quality of its procedures to evaluate candidates. “So, when we knew about this standard thanks to the work developed by the technical committee in Spain and by professor José Muñiz (Professor at the University of Oviedo and the only Spanish member to have created the standard), we considered it would be really interesting to qualify our procedures according to a worldwide quality standard which would also allow us to improve our services”, said Susana Bogalho, Director of PSICOTEC in Portugal (photo).

“In our case, the certification process was simple. Besides being a flexible and easy-to-implement standard, we always received support to establish the quality processes. In Spain we are also certified by the ISO 9001 standard, and that will be our next target for Psicotec Portugal”, adds Bogalho.

“We believe in the benefits of implementing this standard in organizations: uniformity of criteria, continuous improvement, internal prestige, employer branding, innovation, cost reduction, process efficiency, etc. Therefore, not only do we integrate it into our processes, but we also expand it to all countries where Psicotec is located (Portugal, Spain, Chile, Colombia and Peru). Furthermore, we provide support to those companies wishing to integrate it into their procedures to evaluate candidates.”

This certification authenticates the quality and innovative nature of the services offered by Psicotec, further enriching and improving them.

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