The new ISO TC260 standard on human resource management is already under way


  • Last Thursday 9 September, the procedures were started at the headquarters of Aenor, at Génova street in Madrid. They will result in the issue of several ISO standards in the HR field.
  • Psicotec, a Spanish multinational HR consultancy firm, will be part of the team that will work on the several programs aimed at ensuring good practices when managing people.


Madrid, 10 September 2015. September 9th should be remembered as a historical date for all professionals interested and involved in managing people.

After the worldwide ISO 10667 standard, which ensures good practices when assessing people, groups and organizations, professionals working on people management programs now take a step forward to approach the business, speak its language and gain relevance. That’s why we have started the procedures to implement ISO TC260 on human resource management.

Today, the headquarters of Aenor, at Génova street, have witnessed the start of these procedures which will result in the issue of several ISO standards in the HR field, among which the definition of terminology, guidelines on recruitment, costs per hire, workforce planning or quality of hire.

24 countries are actively involved in this initiative, among which Germany, USA, Australia, the Netherlands, India, Spain or Sweden, as well as other 19 observer countries like Cyprus, Ghana, Ireland, Lebanon, New Zealand and Poland. Its president, Jim A. Lewis, is the HR Deputy President at NSF International (Michigan) and the secretariat is run by the American National Standards Institute (USA).

There are 8 liaison organizations, including the EAWOP, IOE, ITUC and WFPMA.

Keen on taking an active role in creating a valuable framework for managing people at organizations, Psicotec will be part of a team that will work on several programs ensuring good practices in managing people.

“Psicotec has always supported this type of regulations promoting and ensuring good practices at the HR teams of companies and consultancy firms, including people recruitment and selection practices, personal development, coaching, career guidance, professional change or succession planning”, says María Luisa Riobóo, Director General of Psicotec, who is taking part in the definition of the ISO TC260 standard.

Psicotec was the first Spanish-speaking consultancy firm to be certified by ISO 10667 standard in Spain, Portugal and Peru. It was also the first Latin American consultancy firm to be certified by the standard.

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