About us

PSICOTEC is a spanish multinational consultancy, specialized in the Human Resources, that offers comprehensive solutions in the Talent environment. Our aim is to give a unique quality service, helping other companies to improve their business results through Talent management. People are our passion and, with them we make their today’s challenges become tomorrow’s successes.
Our values: 
  • Expertise: We are expert in Human Resources and Evaluation Quality Processes and People, Groups and Organizations, from our training and experience. We work, study, innovate and enjoy Human Resources.
  • Vision: Our work has a sense, is not a technique but an aim. And only when you know your objective you are capable of choosing the technique that best leads you to it.
  • Compromise: We have a deep compromise with our clients, for them and with them we work. A compromise for guaranteeing information, achieve the defined results, the established deadlines and the added value for our clients.
  • Improvement: We are curious and believe the world is dynamic and in constant change. We work day a day for overpass expectations taking advantage of every opportunity the environment gives us.
  • Cooperation: Great results are obtained through the combination of talent, knowledge, perspective and team work. Only through cooperation is possible to achieve something exceptional.
  • Agility: We act with flexibility and rapidity because we are not only driven by results, but by achieving them in time.
  • Passion: Because nothing is achieved without passion. We are People oriented and enjoy our work in Human Resources.
Our story:
PSICOTEC was founded in 1985 with the aim of preserving comprehensive services in the HR environment for TUDOR industrial group. It was a bet of TUDOR’s group lead by Mr. Ignacio del Busto, the company’s founder. At the beginning he offered services at a national level in Spain, with offices that were progressively installed in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville. In 2006 operations in Portugal began, with an office located in Lisbon; thus, starting an international stage, with offices in this city and partners around Europe. In 2007 establishes in Latin America, with an office in Lima (Peru). Since then, Psicotec has continued its expansion process in the continent, opening offices in Santiago (Chile) and Bogota (Colombia). Currently holds projects at a global level, with physical appearance in Europe and Latin America, plus an international Network Support Offices in the following countries: Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Canada, Brazil, Panama, USA, Mexico, Kazakhstan, China, Japan, India, Qatar, UAE, Angola, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Algeria, Morocco.
Our Services:
  • Consultancy Recruitment & Selection
  • Talent Development Consultancy Services
  • Outsourcing Projects
  • Organizational Development Consultancy Services

All our procedures follow ISO 10667 Standard

Sectorial Specialization:

We count with the best specialized consultants in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Automotive
  • Pharmacist
  • IT
  • Distribution
  • Services
Psicotec in figures in 2013:

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