Candidate Rights and Responsibilities

Participants’ General Rights in an Evaluation Process

The evaluated person has the following rights:

a) Be informed of the corresponding rights and duties as evaluated person.

b) Be treated with courtesy, respect and impartiality, despite its personal characteristics: age, disability, race, gender, nationality and language, religion, sexual orientation or other personal characteristics.

c) Be evaluated with techniques and instruments that fulfill the professional and appropriate guidelines taking into account how the results are going to be used.

d) Receive a short explanation, in an oral or written way, about the aims of the evaluation, the techniques that will be used, if he/she will be informed of the results, which other people will receive the results and the use that will have of them.

e) Before the evaluation, know when it will be, if the results will be available and, if it’s the case, when and if the exams have any cost.

f)  The evaluations have to be made and the results interpreted by people duly prepared for it and who respect the professional code of ethics, or through systems properly constructed by this kind of people.

g) Know if the evaluation is optional and know the consequences it could have to pass it or not, not finishing or to hide its results.

h) Know beforehand if it is forecast an explanation of the results and, if it is the case, receive it in an oral or written way, in a reasonable date after the evaluation and in understandable terms.

i) Know the evaluation answers as the results will be treated confidentially by the service supplier and will only be delivered to the appropriate people.

j)Present objections to the evaluation process or about its results and be informed of the procedures to be used for solving those objections; for example, presentation procedures and deadlines and complains’ resolutions and how to document formal contestations.

Note. If the evaluated person has some disability has the right to ask for and receive information about the convenient adaptations. If there would be any difficulties in understanding the language in the evaluation has the right to know beforehand if some adaptation would be available.

Participants’ General Duties in an Evaluation Process

The evaluated people should:

a)  Read or listen the corresponding rights and responsibilities as evaluated person.

b) Treat others with courtesy and respect during the evaluation process.

c) Bring up before the evaluation the possible doubts about its aim, the way of appliance, what it has to be done and what will happen with results.

d) Read or listen to the given information before the evaluation and pay attention to all the application instructions.

e) Know when and where the evaluation will be held, accomplish all demanded requirements, be on time and with all the needed material and be prepared for the evaluation.

f) Respect the given rules and instructions and behave sincerely during the evaluation.

Ask for the consequences of not taking the tests or abandon the evaluation process and, then, accept them.

h) Inform the people responsible if considering the environmental or technical conditions affected the results.

i) Ask about the confidentiality in responses and results of the evaluation, if it affects the evaluated person, and if so, indicate which people should receive the results.

j) Present in the set deadlines and in a respectful way complains or objectives about the evaluation process or its results.

k) Provide informed consent.

Note. The evaluated people should inform beforehand to the administrator if they need any adaptation for having some disability, or any physical problem or illness that could affect their performance in the evaluation. If there is difficulty in understanding instruction the evaluation administration must be informed.

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