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Psicotec RPOplus is a global recruitment system that was born with the aim of accompanying companies in their growth processes, expansion and internationalization.

How do we do that?

  • Identifying external and internal talent for the organization: Programs for detecting Talent
  • Using ultimate generation systems and tools, as well as implementing ISO 10667 standard: Innovation
  • Preparing professionals to work abroad: diversity, training and cross-cultural programs.

Not only do we recruit the profiles demanded by our customers, but we also optimize waiting times (thankes to the state-of-the-art technological tool that we employ) adapting our service to our customers’ needs in a flexible way.

Added value, Psicotec’s strongest point

A service that includes a PLUS and that makes it possible for Psicotec RPOplus to go beyond the standard recruitment process, making it unique in the market:

  • Ad-hoc service: We stay close to our customers and adapt to their needs
  • Flexibility: Full adaptation to the client’s needs and requirements
  • Expertise: PSICOTEC’s experience in RPO, something that we have been working on for over 25 years
  • Specialization by sectors: Oil and Gas, Energy, Engineering and Construction, Pharmaceutics, IT, Services…
  • Big investment in R & D: We bet on innovation by focusing on efficiency
  • Cloud computing: Online tool that follows the quality procedures of the ISO 10667 standard
  • Quality: ISO 10667 plus ISO 9001
  • Global coverage: Always taking into account localisms and cultural aspects of each country or area where operations take place
  • Physical support: Everywhere in the world
  • Cultural integration: Diversity Programs to facilitate cultural integration
  • Price competitiveness: Due to economies of scale

All of this is strenghtened by the quality of the services provided by PSICOTEC, and always following the established parameters for the ISO 10667 standard on quality in the human capital evaluation.

Psicotec Recruitment

Psicotec works with an online tool (Cloud Computing system), adapted to the ISO 10667 standard parameters, focused on the quality of people assessment processes), capable of giving support to the recruiting process in all countries where our clients demand for this service.

It is a very flexible tool that allows us to tailor make it to the needs of each one of the services, as it:

  • Automates, strengthens and integrates Psicotec’s entire recruitment process: position openings, activation of recruiting sources, management of interviews, candidacies’ traceability, etc.
  • Easily gathers the candidate’s information through an online form. It then automates CVs sorting processes from the corporate website of the company-client.
  • Easily imports multiple candidates and their respective attached files or CVs and allows for the use of the data base of the company client.
  • Sends CVs or reports to clients (internal or external) according to their requirements and needs, giving traceability to the process.
  • Communication: keeps clients and candidates informed at all times.
  • Generates standard reports and allows for the customization or creation of new ones. Besides, it can create online links to access reports and to control scorecards with the desired regularity.
  • Transfers HR Access or SAP data.
  • Reviews the users’ recent or scheduled activity and defines the expected activity ratios.
  • Business Contingency Plan: always keeps an available read-only copy, with the same login user as for the main server.
Our Programs
  • External Talent Detection Program
  • Internal Talent Detection Program
  • Intercultural Diversity/Training Programs
About us
  • Wide experience in worldwide RPO services, as well as in long term international projects.
  • Annual data bases with over 100,000 new candidacies (annual screening).
  • Our own employment website with over one million visits per year and over 150,000 unique users.



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