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1 August, 2014


A HR ISO standard has become a reality. Initiated by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), the ISO-10667 Service Delivery Assessment standard was finally launched by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in October 2011. Last February, the first organization in Spain was certified by this standard, implemented in collaboration with PSICOTEC and audited by AENOR


In case you have not heard about this standard before, or if you already knew about it but had not given it second thoughts, here are 10 reasons why you should consider implementing it at your company: 

  1. IT ENSURES LEGAL COMPLIANCE: implementing assessment procedures within an organization involves managing sensitive information in terms of legal regulations, including equality, non-discrimination, confidentiality or data protection. ISO-10667 implements traceable procedures ensuring fair and confidential management of data according to the legal regulations in force.
  1. IT GUARANTEES OBJECTIVITY: When making decisions about employees (hiring, dismissing, promoting, etc.) according to their evaluation results, this standard will be very useful in the event that any of these decisions is called into question (for instance, by the works council, trade unions, labor courts, employees, etc.).
  1. IT REDUCES BUREAUCRACY: The ISO implies clearly defining assessment objectives in order to identify only those methodologies and tools which will provide relevant information, thus reducing assessment times and optimizing the quality of information obtained. Do no longer use tools or procedures that might contribute little to achieving your objectives.
  1. IT INCREASES ACCURACY: By standardizing assessment procedures and, therefore, avoiding  possible mistakes or any other influence by evaluators, the quality of results increases, as well as their predictive ability.
  1. IT OFFERS TRACEABILITY TOOLS AND COLLECTS KPI’s: It establishes a standardized and formal assessment procedure, including an indicator registration system, allowing assessment processes to be analyzed at a later stage, establishing efficiency ratios, detecting deviations and implementing opportunities for improvement.
  1. IT INTEGRATES ASSESSMENT INTO BUSINESS: Assessing people is not the HR area’s sole responsibility, but a part of an integrated process within an organization. The ISO defines the responsibilities and rights of each stakeholder, including -among others- managers (who request evaluations), directors (who make decisions based on their results), the data manager (LOPD-Spanish law on the protection of personal data), evaluators and participants.
  1. IT CLEARLY DEFINES TERMS AND CONCEPTS: The organization can accurately use terms and clearly determine its needs and results assessment thanks to the establishment of a common language for evaluation processes within the organization.
  1. IT INCREASES EVALUATION TRUST: It is a fact that there is a general mistrust regarding evaluation processes in the workplace. By implementing these international Best Practices,  benefits brought to organizations as a result of these evaluations are better assessed, more accurate and of greater quality. The trust placed by stakeholders on evaluations therefore increases.
  1. IT STRENGTHENS THE EMPLOYING BRAND IMAGE: The ISO-10667 certification provides a professional and objective image, as it defines fair and objective assessment procedures. Companies offering these values will therefore increase the interest of participants participating in their selection processes.
  1. IT REDUCES COSTS: In conclusion, this process improvement derives in reduced costs all along the evaluation process, as it becomes more efficient and subsequent deviations are avoided (for ex. wrong decisions on promotion/ recruitment,  legal breach, etc.).

We cannot deny that ISO-10667 is still at an early stage, as it has been little more than a year  since it was internationally launched. Having brought so many benefits in this short time means that it has a long way to go. It is time from HR areas to prove, in an accurate way and by means of tangible facts, the value we bring to organizations. ISO-10667 is an excellent step towards that goal.

For more information about ISO-10667 and its implementation, please do not hesitate to contact PSICOTEC at

Felipe Angulo

Director of Psicotec Catalunya


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