We Innovate


From Psicotec and with the highlight on a quality service, we are focused in the continuous Search of Solutions for our clients needs. The Solutions have to be novel, agile, creative, flexible, efficient but, above all, of a great added value.

With this Innovative spirit, that is impregnating our culture, we are giving our companies as our clients a services portfolio that is as adapted to their needs as to the current trends. Besides, we are anticipating to the needs that may appear in the future, setting the bases for an efficient, effective and visionary service.

To think how our business will evolve is important, but it is more important to think how our clients and candidates will evolve, how will they behave as our human capital as the organizations, is where our company has the eye. Knowing their expectations, needs, strengths, or even their values, will allow us to offer from the comprehensive Human Resources Consultancy, solutions that will not only give value today, but also tomorrow. Anyway, in Psicotec the continuous study of these changes make our solutions take into account all this, and offer services adapted to requirements.

We are not only a Consultancy company, we are a Consultancy Company that studies, analyzes and prepares Present and Future solutions for you therefore, our Focus in continuous Innovation is a MUST.

Some Projects or Fields where our innovative spirit is reflected are:

ISO 10667

We help organizations to design and implement their Evaluation in accordance to a quality regulation with an international nature: ISO 10667.

Senior Talent

We are immersed in a labor context where professionals from different generations happen to meet, where Senior Talent has an important role to play. From Psicotec we help organizations to detect and optimize that valuable source where the Senior Talent has the leading role.

Positive Attitude

The new and defiant challenges we have to face require a new attitude based and focused in putting in practice behaviors oriented to extract the best of our selves and search for the best in others. From PSICOTEC we train those skills and behaviors that allow seeing the world from this new perspective.

ld from this new perspective.

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